Penobscot Tribe 2

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Penobscot Tribe 2

The Penobscot Tribe

ToolsThe Penobscot used bow and arrows, spears, and wooden clubs for hunting. Fisherman had special pronged fishing spears along with nets. Also, The Penobscot were known for their birchbark canoes. But when they couldn't use the canoes in the winter, they made dog sleds and snowshoes to move around easily.

ClothingThe women wore long dresses with removable sleeves. The men wore breechcloth and if they wanted to, they wore leggings too. The breechcloth was usuakky made out of tanned deer skin, animal fur, or cloth. The cheifs wore headresses.

EuropeansIn 1604, Samuel de Champlain was the first European explorer to meet and trade with The Penobscot. The Penobscot sent troops to support the colonists in The American Revolution against the British.

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ArtThe Penobscot were very good at art. In fact, they are known for their quillwork, beadwork, and basket weaving

My Drawing Of The Penobscot Homeland


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