[2014] Patricia Nowak: Penny From Heaven

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[2014] Patricia Nowak: Penny From Heaven

Penny From Heaven

A Summer To Remember

Penny’s is turning 12. Her mother gives her her very first piece of jewelry, a ruby necklace made from her mother's old engagement ring. Penny also goes to her very first Dodgers game. She loves baseball and has always dreamt of going to see Dem Buns.

Penny's Uncle gives her a lucky bean. Uncle Dom says it was going to be her late fathers present. He says to take it everywhere she goes and the bean could give her luck.

June 1953

Pennys’ arm gets caught in the wringer. She soon finds out that her arm may never heal. If her arm doesn't then that would be the end of her dream of playing baseball.

Penny learns the real way her late father passed away instead of the false story she has been told all her life.

Penny’s mom marries Mr. Mulligan. She finally realizes that life is going to be okay and that she's finally happy with the way things turned out. Her hand is working again and is slowly getting better. Her life is different now but she doesn't mind getting used to it. Penny believes that it was all the beans doing.

July 1953


August 1953

September 1953

Summer 1953



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