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CAPITOL: HarrisburgANIMAL:White-tailed deerTREE:Tsuga CanadensisFLOWER:Kalmia LatifoliaBIRD:Ruffed GrouseNICKNAME: Keystone State

13 ColoniesPennsylvania




Quaker William Penn was granted the tract of land by King Charles 11 of Endland in 1681. Quaker William was the founder. Betsy Ross made the first American flag in Philadelphia. The declaration was signed in Philadelphia in 1776. Philadelphia, the largest city in Pennsylvaina was once the United States capital city.

There are also mountains near the northeast. Areas near the south are more flat. Appalachian mountians is the most significant subranges and there's places where people can ski on the mountians.

Almost a rectangle on a map but it is quite different as you drive through it with low mountains and hardwood forests. Pennsylvania is home to more deep and useful rivers than any other U.S. State.

When the first Europeans visited the area that is now Pennsylvania, the Native Americans of the region lived in a settled, complex mix of cultures. William Penn was named the territory's proprietor, meaning the land actually belonged to him. Any governor of Pennsylvania would actually serve Penn.

Do you want to live in a place where you can live a free life and don't worry about your safety. Then you should come to Pennsylvania.

The southeastern corner of Pennsylvania has the warmest climate. Pennsylvania, as a middle colonies has a mild climate with warm summer and mild winters that were suited to farming and agriculture. Spring in Pennsylvania is rainy and cool in the beginning but by the end of the season it is nice weather. In the fall near Philadelphia the weather is very nice and temperatures are cool.



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