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Social Studies

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History and SettelmentDid you know that Philadelphia was originaly the first capital from 1790 to 1800. The history of Pennsylvania is very interesting. Indains and all kinds of people lived in Pennsylvania. Still all kinds of people still live in Pennsylvania. The state was also the second state of the U.S. Pennsylvnaia was established in December 12 1787 In 1609 an explorer who was English sailed the Delaware Bay. The Swedes made first settlements in Pennsylvania. An English Duke contolled the Pennsylvania region until 1681. King Charles the 2 granted the region to William Penn. William wanted to name the region New Wales. But did not.

PennsylvaniaThe Keystone StateBy Carys

IndainsIndains have lived in Pennsylvania for thousands of years. Indains have lived in Pennsylvania thousands of years before the Europeans came. European exploers found 2 mian groups of idains living there when they came. The tribes were Algonquian and Iroquian Indains. Algonquian included Conoy, Delaware, Nanticoke, and Shawnee.The Iroquian included Susquehannock.

Land 3/5 of Pennsylvania's land is covered with forests. Pennsylvania has 20 state forests and 114 state parks. Millions of years ago Pennsylvania was part of a vast inland sea. Pennsylvania Has only two small area that are close to being flat. Pennsylvania has alot of mountains.

TransportaionPennsylvania is the leading center of shipping. Pittsbugh is the a capital of shipping. Pennsylvania has six international airports.The biggest airfelids in Pennsylvania are in Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh.Freight and rail sevice has gone down in the United States.

Great Deppression What was the great deppression? The Great Deppression Happened in the 1930s. Thousands of people lost their jobs. The Government passed a law to help ease the hardship.In 1936 floodwaters flooded the state. The flood killed 100 people and the damage cost 40 million dollars.

Population Pennsylavainia is ranked fith of all the sates with 11,881,643 people. Two major citites of Population are Pittsisburg, and Philadelphia. Philedelphia is the fourth largest city in the U.S.A. Erie is the third biggest city in the state. It was built on Lake Erie. Every resident of the state lives a couple of miles from a state park, or a forest.

EducationBy the Pennsylvania law all th ages between eight and sixteen must attend school.Two million kids attend public schools, and secendary schools. 400,000 kids atend privite schools. The state has a strong system of Calthlic schools. The state also has fine quaker schools in Philadelphia.

Revolutionary WarSo what was the Revolutionary War all about? It happened in the mid 1700s. The UK found itself in a debt.They raised the taxes and trade in the US.But the colonies in America opposed, wich means that they did not approve of this. Congress in the US decited to stop all trade with the UK. The war started in April 1775 and ended in (Did not say). Pennsylvania ended up as the second state.

Agriculture Farmland in Pennsylvania covers one fourth of the land area. The states leading agricultural product is milk. Pennsylvania is in the one of the leading states for it's milk. Poultry products are also very important to Pennsylvania. The southeartern state has alot of poultry farms. Crops cover one-third of Pennsylvania's income.

Ben FranklinHe was born in 1706. He was famous because he was an invertor. He was a leader of his time in the study of electricity. He died in April 17, 1790. He died at the age of 84. People still honor him today.

Capital- Harrisburg

Fun FactsThe state of Pennsylvania has many facts. What is the state nick name for Pennsylvania? The state nickname is The Keystone state.The State bird is a Ruffed GrouseThe state dog is a Great Dane. The state flower is a Mountain Laurel. The state Tree is a Eastern Hemlock.The state fish is a Brook trout.


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