Penn State Football and Basketball

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Penn State Football and Basketball

Successful football players who played for Penn State- Sean Lee- played for PSU from 2006-2009. He is currently an outside linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys.- Levi Brown- played for PSU from 2003-2006. He was an offensive tackle for the Arizona Cardinals, then he played for the Pittsburgh Steelers before he was released in 2014.- Matt McGloin- played for PSU from 2010 to 2012. Currently, he is the Quarterback for the Oakland Raiders.

Penn State

Football and Basketball

FootballGeorge W. Hoskins was Penn States first ever head football coach in 1892. From then on the Nittany Lions would be one of the most known collegiate football teams ever. There were 4 other head coaches until Joe Patterno took the reins in 1966. He coached a total of 62 years with Penn State making him have the longest affiliation with a college football team. Penn state joined the Big Ten Conference in 1993 and before then, they were an independent team. In all 122 years Penn State was established, they achieved 831 wins , 369 loses, and 37 ties. Their win/lose percentage was 0.687% (not counting 2015).

Beaver Stadium- Up until 1893 Penn State held their football games on Old Main's lawn. In 1909 Beaver Feild was created. It was named after James A. Beaver who was a superior court judge, governer of PA, and the president of the University's Board of Trustees. When the field was created it could hold 30,000 people. Now it can hold 106,527 fans. This makes Beaver Stadium the 2nd largest capacity stadium in collegiate history. It falls right behind the University of Michigan's 107,601 person staduim.

Men's Basketball- Penn States first official head coach was Hugo Bezdek in 1919. They were 11-2 this season. Penn State has had 10 different basketball coachs until Pat Chambers stepped up in 2011 - present. He has had 4 seasons with the team leaving them with an overall record of 53-74. NCAA- Penn State mens basketball team has appeared in the NCAA tournament a total of 9 times. The first time was in 1942. The most recent was in 2011. The most sucessful time was in 1954, they won the National 3rd place game against the University of South Carolina with a 70-61 win.

Bryce Jordan Center- In 1993 One of the worst winters in Penn State history broke out and set the scene for the Bryce Jordan Center. After much dedicated time creating the center, it became realistic in January of 1996. After the creation was finished the total bill was $55 million. This is home to where the men's and women's basketball team plays, and also to many other groups and teams. Not to mention, this is a popular place for concerts to be held. The Bryce Jordan Center can hold up to 15,261 fans.


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