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Global warming threatens penguin habitat. Also causing the ice they walk on to melt over years.

Preening~ a penguin is straightening and conditioning its feathers.This is usually done when they are stressed. Is done on both land and water.


Researchers show that when penguins habitat is upset they may not reproduce . They won't take part in any mating rituals(no eggs are laid).Penguins eat seafood so they drink a lot of seawater. Supraorbital gland, which is above their eyes ,gets rid of the salt by sneezing.Penguins have to molt once a year. They lose all their feathers at once and can't swim and fish without feathers. The surface feathers can get colder than the air around.Since penguins live in tight quarters there is a lot of penguin poop. It stains the ice and scientists can find colonies by looking for dark spots on the ice.

Pengiuns don't have teeth. Instead they have backward facing fleshy spines inside their mouths. These teeth help guide fish down their throat.Penguis "tux" help penguins camouflage in the water. Black backs blend into dark ocean water and from beneath penguins white bellies blend into the surface lit by sunlight.The little penguins have different markings than adults because adult markings take longer to develop.If the penguin's flippers weren't covered with short, scale-like feathers most of the penguins would be too flexible to swim.Penguins' legs and webbed feet are set far back on the body so the penguins have an upright posture on land


All penguins live close to a body of water. Mainly live close to cold water currents because the currents pull a lot of fish, squid, and crustaceans.Some penguins live on thick sheets of ice, because of cold weather , but others live on sandy beaches and small islands (southern hemisphere).Not all penguins are able to live in cold parts of the world. Some live close to the equator.Often are found in coastal areas in South America, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.Penguins live in colonies by species. They live in close quarters called rookies during breeding season.


By:.Ruth Salas- Rodriguez and Annelise Shick


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