[2014] Katie Sterett: Penguins

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[2014] Katie Sterett: Penguins

Adelie Penguinpygoscelis adeliae

Where are they?



They are found in cold climates with lots of ice and surronding water for hunting krill.

How do they Hunt?

Adelie penguins have been known to dive 575 feet down to get their food. They have also been known too Go as far as 185 miles. But mostly they stay near shallower waters.

They live on South Antartica and on many surronding islands, especially during winter and breeding months.

During October they travell in colonies to the coastline where they build nests and line them with small rocks. Male Adelies also help with warming and protecting the chick. After about 3 weeks they can leave the chicks alone and within nime weeks the chicks can swim on their own.

They eat mostly krill and small fish in shallow or deep water.

The Adélie Penguin is the smallest species of penguin to be found in the Antarctic.

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