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Stories submitted in this category should integrate your penguin research. Lucky the Penguin from the Santa Barbara Zoo, Pierre, Osbert, Tacky, Pip or other penguin characters may also be a part of the story. Movies should be no longer than 4 minutes, excluding title and credits. Each school is responsible for uploading their own slideshows to their campus wiki. Please request membership to your campus wiki in order to upload your project.

Students may choose any web tool or iPad app to create their slideshow project.

Stories will be scored according to the rubric that is posted on this wiki.

Campus winners will be showcased at the Penguin Palooza Festival, Sunday February 23 at McKinney Boyd High School 2-4pm.

Video projects must follow the Copyright and Fair Use Guidlines.

Contact Information:Cindi Walker MRSBrenda Rossbross@mckinneyisd.netWilmeth MRSLynda Swannerlswanner@mckinneyisd.netMcKinney ISDELAR Coordinator

Stories must be the work of the student team members.

Winners in the slideshow category will be chosen at the campus level.



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