[2015] juan javalera (Hodgeson): penguin

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[2015] juan javalera (Hodgeson): penguin

PenguinHabitatMost penguin spend about 3/4 of their time in the water.Their bodies are designed to easily adapt to the water.



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PenguinFeedingThe primary sources of food for penguin include krill, small fish,and crustaceans. Many species of penguin prefer to hunt near the shoreline.

Penguin Social StructureIt is belived that it is their social status that allows them to be able to interact and to survive the harsh winters in many areas.

PenguinEvolutionIt is believed that the penguin are derived from a type of bird that is able to fly.Yet they needed to be able to adapt to the waters if they were going to be able to survive.

PenguinPredatorsThere are quite a few types of predators out there thst find penguin to make the perfect meal.

PenguinDistributionIt is a comman misconcption that all penguin live in icy climates. While many of them do it isn's something that is necessary in order for them to survive.

PenguinAnatomyThe overall anatomy of a penguin is very complex as well as interesting.Their bodies are designed to allow them to survive in their natural habitat.

PenguinReproductionThere are some great qualitie of penguins found in their reproduction process.They can mature for reproduction from about 4 to 8 years of age.

PenguinCommunicationPenguin are very effective communication,especially with their mates.This is due to the fact that they have to work together in order to care for the egg and for the offspring.


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