Penelope Barker Wanted

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Penelope Barker Wanted






In 1757 Penelope Married Thomas Barker Already mother to two Childeren and widowed twice. Thomas and Penelope had three children, but they all died before the age of one.

We must acknowledge the Morning Chronicle and London Advertiser,because if the article including The Edenton Tes Party. Also without it we most likely never would have known it even existed.

Wanted Deador AlivePenelope Barker was Born in Edenton, Chowan county in 1728. She has never had any proof of moving away from her home. Born to James Blount and Elizabeth Blount and raised as any ordinary girl. This woman has committed treason against the crown of england.

Penelope has led a rebellion against the crown of England. Our king willn not allow traitors to live. mrs, Barker Led 51 women to Elizabeth King's home and signed a petition that boycotted tea like the Boston Tea Party, though unlikie the Boston they didnt wear clothes from England either.


After the American Revoluton ended Thomas was able to return to his wife and eleven years later Thomas Barker died. Penelope lived a while on her own tendng to the plantation and didnt have to take care of her childeren since the ones who survived were grown now. Seven years after her husband passed she died and was buried next to himin the Johnston family graveyard at hayes plantation near Edenton.


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