[2014] Kolya Jelovac (ENG1De): Pendragon

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[2014] Kolya Jelovac (ENG1De): Pendragon

The main protagonist, 15 year old Bobby Pendragon, is the main narrator of the novel. He is a loyal friend to Vo Spader and Gunny who show him the true meaning and the importance of friendship.Vo Spader is a seemingly close friend of Bobby who shows determinationand energy but is unreliable during crucial moments.Vincent Van Dyke"Gunny" shows Bobby the true meaning of friendship in following through with the planned mission and stopping Bobby from making a terrible mistake.


Bobby Pendragon, Vo Spader and "Gunny" have to prevent the Zepplin from being destroyed by Winn Farow as this would produce total chaos on First, Second and Third Earth. This can only happen by stopping Max Rose,a gangster group leader working for the Nazis,from killing Winn Farow who is a rival gangster group leader. If the Zepplin is not destroyed then Max Rose will give enough information to the Nazis so that an evil scientist will be able to produce an atomic bomb to bomb the U.S and alter the earth's course towards utter chaos.

The storyline takes place over a two week period primarily on first earth in New York City, U.S. during the 1930's. This time period was during the Depression when people relied on eachother to survive.It is this lesson that Bobby learns in his relationship with his friends, Vo Spader and Gunny.

The main conflict in this novel is person vs. person. with Bobby ultimately trying to prevent Saint Dane from creating chaos on the three earths. This conflict affects criminal groups and Bobby's friends, Vo Spader and Gunny, both directly and indirectly,leading to the destruction of the Zepplin and altering Saint Dane's plan of chaos.


Plot Summary


Book Three: The Never War




The most important theme of this novel is friendship. The strength of friendship is shown throughout the novel demonstrating its true meaning,especially during hardships and trying situations.

Count On Me Bruno Mars

This song emphasizes the importance of being able to count on one's friends,which is the most important theme of the novel.It does not matter what the situation or hardship, friends need to make the right decisions for one another and need to be counted on to be trustworthy and reliable.

Literary Features


Bobby summarizes his understanding of friendship in his conversation with Vo Spader just at the point when the planned mission is at its climax. "Then believe me. Our job is to make sure the ship blows up. I know it's horrible, but it's the truth.We've been through a lot together, Spader. You know me; you know what it means to be a Traveller. You've got to put faith in me" (MacHale 280).Vo Spader disappoints Bobby, teaching Bobby about the friendship qualities that Vo Spader lacks.

At the point in the story when Bobby becomes convinced by Vo Spader to not follow through with the mission, Gunny intervenes and quietly states," This is what it was meant to be"(MacHale 283). Gunny accepts the responsibility of taking the blame for the deaths that will occur when the Zepplin blows up and passes the test of his true friendship with Bobby.

At the successful conclusion of the mission, Bobby realizes that because of his friendship with Vo Spader, he has to make the right decision and send Vo Spader back to his home planet, back to safety . Bobby narrates, " Two of us hugged. I didn't want to let him go. I didn't want to be on my own again. Especially now, when I was doubting my worthiness as a Traveler. For a brief second I thought it would be better to deal with Spader's unpredictability than to let him go. But I had to be strong" (MacHale 299). This was Bobby's test of true friendship and he passed.


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