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pele by katelyn caviness

Edison Arantes do NascimentoSoccer Superstar

Katelyn Caviness


Pele may be the world's greatest soccer player in history. He was born Edison Arantes do Nascimento on October 23, 1940 in Tres Coracoes, Brazil. At age 7, he started to play soccer with a team he started called September 7, who eventually gave him the nickname of Pele.

Pele's career was just starting though. At the early age of 16, Pele started to play for the Brazilian Pro league, Santos. After an amazing year with Santos, Pele made his first appearance in the World Cup. He also made the Brazilian National team.

As a result, Pele and his team won the World Cup and Pele made it to the World Cup 3 more times. Brazil won twice making Pele the first person to be a part of 3 World Cup winning teams.

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Some may think that Pele brought soccer to the U.S.A. and the people who think that are correct! Pele made soccer a popular sport to the US. By playing with the new York Cosmos, he attracted huge crowds to the games. He attracted such a big crowd to one game, they had to play at the Giant's Stadium so they could fit all the fans. They even played on the dirt of the infield!

Pele playing for the New York Cosmos

Pele during his first World Cup in 1958

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September 11, 1969 was an amazing day because Pele scored his 1000th career goal on a penalty kick against the New York Cosmos.

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Timeline Of Pele's Life:-1940 born-1955 joined Santos-1958 won World Cup with Brazil-1962 won World Cup again-1969 scored 1000th career goal -1966 lost World Cup-1970 became first person to be part of 3 World Cup winning teams

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