[2014] DANIEL GREENSPAN (Jardine 2014-15): Pelé

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[2014] DANIEL GREENSPAN (Jardine 2014-15): Pelé

Pele's original name is Edson after Thomas Edison the american inventer, because eletricity came to his village only a year before his birth.Pele was born on October 23 1940 in Tres Coracoes Brazil. When Pele was six years old his family moved to Baura in southern Brazil so he could play for a soccer club. His family was poor so they didn't have soccer supplies like balls, cleats, field or goals. For a soccer ball he used a big sock stuffed with rags or newspaper. He used the streets and empty lots for his field. Although he earned millions of dollars in his successful soccer career. Pele suffered many injuries in soccer as good athletes sometimes do.


October 23 1940 - Born in Tres Coracoes Brazil1944 - Pele moves to Baura, Brazil with family1953 - Asked to join Bauru junior team1955 - Pele joins Sao Paulo soccer club1956 - Scores first goal for Santos1958 - Pele helps Brazilian national team win its first cup1962 - Brazil wins second cup. Pele misses most games from injuries 1966 - Married Rosemari Cholbi1966 - Loses in the World Cup quarterfinals1969 - Pele scores his 1000th career goal1970 - Pele leads Brazil to its third World Cup title1971 - Pele plays his last game for the Brazilian team1974 - Plays his final game for Santos1975 - Pele starts to play for the New York Cosmos1977 - Pele leads the Cosmos to the NASL championship1977 - Pele plays his final game, first half with the Cosmos second half with Santos1978 - Pele and Rosemari divorced1994 - Pele marries Assiria Lemos1995 - Pele becomes minister of sports2000 - Pele is voted the FIFA Player of the Century

In, 1953 Pele joins the Bauru Athletic Club Jr Team.In 1958 Pele makes the Brazilian national team and helps them win their first world cup.In 1969 he scores 1000th goal In 1970 he leads Brazil to their 3rd World CupIn 1971 he plays his last game for Brazilian national teamIn 1975 he joins the New York CosmosIn 1977 he leads the Cosmos to the NASL ChampionshipIn 2000 Pele is voted player of the centuary

Lasting Impact

Pele was an inspiration to whole a whole genoration of up and coming soccer players ( Wayne Rooney, Lionel Messi ,Cristiano Ronaldo)


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Pele Soccer Skills


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