[2014] jesse galindo (2nd period): Pele

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[2014] jesse galindo (2nd period): Pele

Pele is known to be the worlds best soccer player. He was a member of the 3 brazilian world cup champion team. Pele was born in Tres Coraoes, Brazil on October 23,1940. When Pele was young he joined a youth squad he was coached by Waldemar. Pele was never married he love to focus on soccer. Pele never liked to talk about his education. Pele was then signed by Santos. He scored the first professional goal of his career before he turned 16.The world was offically introduced to Pele in the 1958 world cup in Sweden.


-Born on October 23, 1940. -The world was officially introduced to Pele in 1958 World Cup In Sweden. - In 1962 World Cup In Chile Pele had a serious injury and has to sit out for the final game. -1970 World Cup in Mexico Pele scored 4 goals including one goal to give Brazil a 4-1 victory over Italy. - Pele announced his retirement from soccer in 1974.- He played his final game in 1977 and retired with a total of 1,281 goals and 1,363 games.

Pele's accomplishments were that he became the worlds most best player and the youngest men to ever play professional soccer.






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