Peglow's School Problems

by mrpeglow
Last updated 5 years ago

Language Arts

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Peglow's School Problems

We don't recycle. There is absolutely no option given to anyone at our school to dump a paper into a recycle bin, What makes it worse is a lot of the paper isn't even used. Some people put a word or two on it and then it goes in the trash it. Teachers and students don't flip over the page and use the back as scratch paper or for notes, or to print another item. We are at school ... shouldn't we be learning the right way to protect our future? The 3 R's of course and I am not talking about Reading Writing, and Arithematic! I meam to reuse, reduce, and recylce!

Papers, papers everywhere!

Save our Planet& Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Teachers use the fronts but the backs are bare!



find out how you can make a difference @

- Reuse the backs of worksheets & dittos - Reduce the amount of papers wasted - Recylce paper rather than trashing it.


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