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Athena appears in Bellerophon's dream.Bellerophon captures Pegasus and takes him to battle the Chimaera.

Pegasus is born.Athena finds him and brings him to the Muses for training.Pegasus creates a magical spring.

Medusa: The Gorgon with snakes for hairPoseidon: The God of the Sea

Main Events



Contributing Characters

Greek Name Roman NameZeus JupiterAthena Minerva Medusa N/A Bellerophon N/AThe Chimaera N/A The Nymphs N/A

Pegasus was a beautiful white horse with wings that could fly. He was born when Poseidon had beheaded Medusa, and he miraculously emerged from her neck. Pegasus represents hope and righteousness.Pegasus' story is myth, with themes. One main theme is obedience. Without Pegasus' obedience to all of his riders and superiors, he would not have become such a beloved creature. Another theme is pride. Bellerophon was very puffed up with pride, and it cost him his life.


Bellerophon defeats the Chimaera.He tries to go to Mount Olympus for recognition, using Pegasus.

Zeus stops them, killing them both.Zeus brings Pegasus back to life, after he tastes the water from the spring he had created.

Pegasus serves as Zeus' very own thundering horse, collecting thunderbolts for Zeus until he dies of old age.


Athena can stand for people who see quality in others, qualities that many will not see. Bellerophon reprsents the consequences of too much pride.The Nymphs can represent the many people who will help ither in their lifetime.

Zeus represents the power of second chances. The spring represents the fact that the great things we do in our lifetime will never be forgotten.The Chimaera can stand for the oppressers that surround us, and how they can seem unbeatable.Medusa and Poseidon represent how something beautiful can be made from something ugly.

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