Pegasus and Bellerophon

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Pegasus and Bellerophon

Pegasus and Bellerophon

PLOT LINE:Bellerophon was the son of Poseidon and Eurynome. He was a peer of the gods and was taught by Athena. In his life, he wanted nothing more than a pegasus, a marvelous, winged horse who could create humans by a mere stomp of its hooves against the earth. Bellerophon slept in Athena’s temple and she gave him a golden bridle to tame the pegasus he wanted. Bellerophon became the Lord of the Air with pegasus right by his side. Later, Bellerophon killed his brother. Proteus’ wife fell in love with Bellerophon but did not kill him, even out of his anger. Instead of trying to kill Bellerophon, Proteus sent him to the Lycian King and had Bellerophon stay there for nine days. The Lycian King decided against killing Bellephron as well, and sent Bellerophon to kill the Chimaera, a lion in front, a goat in between, and a serpent in back. After many more attempts that Proteus had for someone else to be the cause of Bellerophon’s death, Proteus gave up and agreed to let Bellerophon marry his daughter. Bellerophon was happy, but then angered the gods. He was overly proud and thought he had earned a place at Mt. Olumpus. He angered the gods by attempting to fly with the pegasus up to Mt. Olympus so he could join the immortals, but the pegasus was wise and knew better than to ever attempt something like this. The pegasus threw Bellerophon off. Since then, Bellerophon hated the gods and wandered aimlessly, avoiding the paths of men until his dying day. The pegasus was cared for royaly by Zeus. The pegasus is the one who gives Zeus his thunder and lightning bolts.

Bellerophon is the son of Poseidon and Eurynome. He sent on a lot of quests for his death but conquered all with Pegasus. Ended up marrying Proteus' daughter. Hated by the Gods.

Pegasus was a marvelous horse which had sprung from the Gorgon's blood when Perseus killed her. Helped Bellerophon with his tasks but threw him off on the way to Mt. Olympus. Helps Zeus with thunderbolts.

Proteus purified Bellerophon when he killed his brother. Anteia, Proteus' wife, fell in love with Bellerophon but Proteus wouldnt kill Bellerophon so he sent him to Lycia.

INTERESTING INFO:1) Love seems to beat through everything, because no matter what challenges Bellerophon had to face, he survived and actually ended up marrying a women who loved him.2) Keep a straight mindset. If you let power get to your head just as Bellerophon did, you can expect to pay the consequences.3) Stand up to what you know is right and you will be repayed in the future. The pegasus knew Bellerophon was doing something wrong, so it did the only thing it could have done to get rid of Bellerophon. He threw him off. In the future, Bellerophon pays for his wrongdoings while pegasus enjoys a life of easy luxury, helping Zeus with his thunder and lightening bolts.

King Lyciadid not want to kill Bellerophon so he sent him on an adventure. He asked him to slay the Chimaera so it would kill him but instead Bellerophon shot it with his arrows.

Glaucus was the king in Ephyre. Son of Sisyphus. Great horsemanand fed the hoses human flesh for fierce battle. He angered the gods. He was thrown off his chariot and devoured by horses.

Sisyphus must forever try to roll a stone uphill because he betrayed a secret of Zeus.

Eurynome is Bellerophons mother who is a mortal and taught by Athena.

Polyidus advised Bellerophon to go to Athena's temple and sleep there and the Gods will talk to him.

Settings: In Ephyre, the city later called Corinth. Also, he went to other places such as Athena's temple, the King of Lycia, in Asia's, kingdom, and he tried to get to Olympus. This story takes place in Greek/ Roman times and the story was first told in the fifth century.

What's the Point:The moral of this story was to be humble for your good fortune, give thanks for what we have, and to remember we can never change the fact we are human.

Isabelle: Red, Aydan: Purple, Caroline: Blue


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