PeekOF Week

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PeekOF Week

BLOCK - 9:45 - 10:30Lunch - 12:09 - 12:39Library - Thurs. 10:45

BLOCK ScheduleDay 1 - PEDay 2 - PEDay 3 - PEDay 4 - Music

Reading News: We are completing our first unit on reading workshop. We are reviewing expectations of students during reading workshop and what good readers do when they come to words they don't know and that they finish books at a reasonable rate.Your student should read every night (Monday - Thursday) for at least 20 minutes

Writing News: We have completed our Quick Write and are now working on writing our first personal narratives. Students should have several pages of seed ideas in their notebooks and should write at least two nights a week at home.

Social Studies: Our first weeks will be spent discovering the cultures of Texas and learning about the regions of Texas.


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