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Pediatricians are medical doctors who diagnose, examine, treat, and prevent diseases and injuries in children. Pediatric medicine concerns the health and treatment of children from birth to adolescents, focusing not only on physical health but also emotional and social health. Pediatric careers can be of a general nature or as a specialist. General Pediatricians treat most children hospitalized with acute illness. They also work with children who have learning disabilities, special needs, and in local clinics or schools. Specialists focus on many different clinical areas which can exist in adult medicine. They are frequently involved in research projects and providing preventative health education. They meet patients and parents to gather information and conduct examinations to identify health problems. Once the diagnoses are made they discuss treatment with patients and families and make recommendations. Pediatricians must have excellent communication skills, and have the ability to work in a multidisciplinary team. During the course of this paper, I will discuss the educational requirements, and the various divisions of Pediatric medicine. Communication skills, especially listening skills are vital in order to learn for pediatricians to learn from their patients. Having compassion and a sense of humor is also very important. This makes the children feels safe and children frequently even enjoy their visit to the doctor even with the pain. Pediatricians manage the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of their patients in every stage development, whether in good health or illness. They diagnose and treat infections, injuries, genetic defects, malignancies, organic diseases, and dysfunctions. They also manage other problems that affect children and adolescents such as behavioral difficulties, developmental disorders, functional problems, social stresses, depression, and anxiety disorders. Pediatricians work in hospitals, private practices, doctor offices, and in clinics. I think I would like to work in private practices through a doctor’s office because it would be a good environment for me to help children with their illness. The tools that pediatricians use are stethoscopes, tongue depressors, and thermometers. Becoming a pediatrician takes many years of committed training. I first would have to obtain a four-year bachelor’s degree. My grades would have to be excellent because I would then have to apply to medical school which is very competitive. Medical school takes four years, and then there is one year of an internship, and two years of pediatric residency. In undergraduate school the required subjects for pre-med are one year of English, two years of Biology, one semester of Calculus or statistics, one year of Physics, and two years of Chemistry which includes inorganic and organic chemistry.I love the working with children and want to help them recover from their illness. Being able to diagnose children’s illnesses would be wonderful because I could help them and that is my mission in life. By working hard and taking the courses I need, I will be able to get a bachelors degree in pre-med before applying to medical school. Most programs have residency and internships which is three years and I would get paid a small amount for participating in them. Pediatric residency helps general pediatric students understand work habits, fundamental skills, and responsibilities. The reason it takes so much time to become a pediatrician is to be sure that I have the skills I would need to bring to this profession. The more experience I have toward becoming a pediatrician the better I would become. Becoming a Pediatrician is not just about loving children, it’s about helping children who are sick.I am considering applying to several colleges. One school that I am interested in is Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences, although I would also like to go to Winston Salem State University for their undergraduate nursing program. Sometime in my junior year of college, or senior year, I will need to take the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) which will test my abilities on natural science. The first two years in medical school I will take courses in medical science, physiology, chemistry, microbiology, pharmacology, and neuro anatomy. The second two years I will begin getting experience with patients. During my third or fourth year of medical school I will begin to specialize in pediatric medicine.For a general pediatrician the salary is currently about $142,585. However, the experience and years worked as a Pediatrician determines the salary rate. A doctor having one to two years experience earns $135,000, three or more years, $175,000, and more than that could be $271,000. It also depends on what type of pediatrician you are. Different types of specialists have different salary scales as compared to a general pediatrician. For example, a cardiologist is $607,000, a critical care specialist earns $398,000, an oncologist earns $251,000 and, a neurologist is $362,000. In 2009, a pediatrician in the United States with 10 to 19 years of experience earned from $114,311 to $152,221. However, due to high population growth in some states pediatricians are paid higher salaries because of their demand. Depending on the size and location an experienced pediatrician may be eligible for bonuses. For a Pediatrician with 10 to 19 years of experience their bonus may be as much as $9,751.That’s a benefit of being a pediatrician who works hard and stays committed to the profession. Opportunities while I’m in high school can help me along my career path to becoming a pediatrician. Volunteering at the health clinic, hospitals, women’s clinic, and eldercare facility will give me insight to the medical needs of various groups of patients. I am enhancing my communication skills through English and Teen Pep 1. Instruction in Allied Health Science I and II is also preparing me for my career in the medical field. Self- employed doctors must pay for their own insurance and retirement. Those who own or partly own their medical practices usually have higher incomes than those who work at the hospital. I had rather work in a practice rather than at a hospital because I think a private practice would be a better environment. Many sick people come in and out of the hospital as well as the doctor offices but I would like to have my own office and my own patients with whom to develop a rapport. Young people who have faced family violence, homelessness, and substance abuse often turn to pediatricians for help. Pediatricians’ help children get healthy and the way they act towards their patient and families are very calming and respectful. The experience that I need is extensive skills, and may require more than five years of experience. Pediatricians do different kinds of amazing things like record and maintain patient information, such as medical history and reports. Prescribing treatment, medication, vaccination to prevent illness and diseases is what I am waiting for because I would love to all of the different aspects to help children get better and more. I love children not only because they are the cutest, but because I love the way they grow and have good knowledge. I think that it is so amazing but it’s bad that, that might not happen to some children, because they may have a disease or illness that would be too powerful to cure. Children may feel alone and depressed by their disease because most people would not want any part of their lives and that causes children to be lonely and upset. I would like it if everybody should be as an equal and not be judged by their illness. Children can develop a mental illness from birth or when they are very young and they can have pediatrician’s to be their doctor, they don’t need a specialist or another type of doctor. Every day I am learning more and more about the human body and how they grow by taking Allied Health Science 1 and 2. I learned how to use different tools and know what they are used for. That gives me more knowledge on how to work on the majority things that I would have to do. Therefore becoming a Pediatrician is my dream career because I would love to treat people to have a better care in their life and help them feel better. Pediatricians get over whelmed by dealing with situations during medical school and being a pediatrician. To be responsible for so many patients can also make them become over whelmed. While being a pediatrician it can change your life style by the different schedules and days that you’ll have to come in. They have hectic schedules because they are so busy with their patients and they deal with other aspects of pediatrics as well and that’s how it can also affect their life style. Most people that go into the medical field to become a pediatrician often think about why they want to become a pediatrician and if that’s what they really want to do. They usually realize it when they go through the tough experience in medical school because it can get very challenging and stressful. Most people that go into the field of pediatric care often change their career because they may feel that it’s just not what they want to do anymore or that it was too much for them to handle. Pediatricians have special bonding with their patients. There will be some patients that will go through some tough times physically and it’s the pediatricians responsibility to maintain and handle the situation personally. For instance, if a patient is diagnosed with a rare disease that may cause death, is when the medical doctor needs to handle the situation mentally or even emotionally if needed. The common cold, strep throat and chicken pox are what children mostly get at a young age until they are adolescent. Children can talk to their pediatricians at any time about anything. Children who are abused at any way can talk to their pediatricians. They help children by giving them advice and giving them comfort. Children go through emotional, physical, mental, and sexual abuse each day and they can help them from that by helping them get away from that situation and talking to them. Pediatricians try to help many sexual abuse cases by actually talking to younger children to get them to tell the truth because they may be scared and feel uncomfortable. Too many children and adolescents have experience sexual abuse, they are more likely to have unplanned pregnancies. Pediatricians try to prevent and intervene with children and adolescents of sexual experiences or sexual abuse. General pediatricians would want that to be prevented because children start to engage on sexual experience and they can see that they may be at risk of Sexual Transmitted Diseases. General pediatricians help children physically, socially, and mentally. They recognize those mainly in children and need to know their nutrition habits. Therefore, they protect them from sexual abuse and sexual experiences because they don’t want them to increase risks in their body. Pediatricians want their patients to be healthy and in shape and for them not to feel insure about their body in any way. There are many various types of pediatricians that specialize on children on their different systems. The different pediatricians determine their salary and where they work. General pediatricians may ask the other types of pediatrics for help. There are pediatric cardiologists that treat children in the cardiovascular system. They may have a blood disorder, heart disorder and that can lead to lack of oxygen that’ll go to the heart and through the body. Neonatologist works on the diseases of babies and treats them. They mainly work on them when they are first born, but if they have a deathly disease then they keep working on them or may send them to a Baptist hospital to cure and treat the babies. Pediatric neurologists cure children that have problems in their nervous system. They may have brain damage or nerve problems. Pediatric oncologists specialize on cancers that children may have and try to treat them as much as they can. At the ear, nose, and throat doctor offices there are medical doctors that work on those aspects on children. If a child has an ear infection they treat them, or if they have something stuck in their ear then they will operate on that. Most children will have something stuck in their ears like a fly, led of a pencil, a bee, etc. Strep throat is most common of what a child will have or bronchitis. Many children will also have sinus infections and have a bundle of fluid in their ears and in their sinus cavities. There are many types of pediatricians that can help children in any system. A general pediatrician knows more about their patients, according to physically and mentally. As I interviewed Dr.Williams, a pediatrician at the Thomasville Pediatrics he inspired me more to become a pediatrician by explaining the responsibilities of being a pediatrician. When I asked him how being a pediatrician has affected his life, he said basically that the weekend is the worst part of working and that it’s just part of what you do. I also asked about some of the diseases he diagnosed are and he said that the most common disease are pneumonia, asthma, flu and etc. He would talk things out if he gets overwhelmed but he never got stressed out, that made me want to talk things out more because that will probably cause less stress for myself, that was another question I asked. He thought about becoming a neonatologist and he don’t know if he would go back to medical school or change what he would have done. In retrospect, Dr. Williams inspired me to really set my goal to become a pediatrician. This graduation project helped me learn more and more about the pediatric care and myself a little.

It takes committment of training in order to become a pediatrician. 11 or 12 years of school will be required. 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, and about 3 years of residency.

The salary for a general pediatrician is currently about $142,585. Different types of specialists have different salary rates and the more experience, then the salary increases.

Pediatricians have hectic schedules and that can make their life styles a little difficult with their families.

Pediatricians work in hospitals, private practicies, doctor offices and clinics.

Interview! :)

Pediatricians try to help many sexual abuse cases by communicating with their patients who are adolescents. They try to prevent and intervene with children and adolescents of sexual experience or sexual abuse.



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