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How to Become a Pediatrician.

Medical DegreeAfter you recieve your bachelors degree you must recieve your Medical degree. To recieve a Medical degree you must have your undergraduate degree (Bachelor). There are seventeen faculties in Canada. It'll take eight years in total; four years of collage/university and four years of medical school.

Bachelors DegreeYou must have a Bachelors degree to get into the pediatrics studying. To recieve a Bachelors degeree you must; complete a minimum of 120 semester hours of credit towards graduation, satisfy the UI and CLAS residence requirments, complete the requirments of the General Education Program, complete a major, and meet the collages academics standards.

PractisingOnce you've finished all your years in university and medical school you would get your two degrees. After that you would have to start practising for about three years. After medical school comes one year as an intern and to finish everything up, you could spend a year or more pediatrics residency. You become more and more responsible for the care of patients.

SalaryJust a few years into the pediatrician residency, the average pediatricain salary is $135,000. While overall the average pediatricain salary is in the area of $175,000 a year, depending on how many patient cliets you've helped, and how many hours of service.

Skills NeededAfter everything you've done throughtout the eight years, you will have to have skills. Some good skills you need to become a pediatrician is: good comunication skills, understanding diverse cultures, problem solving abilities and orginiazation skills. But beyond all the skills you might have, you have to be fully commtied to these eight years. Its going to be hard, but it'll also be satisfying!

Catholic VirtuesPediatricians have Unity in may several ways. When a child comes in, and say they have depression, instead of making them feel bad about them selves they will help the child. Pediatricians also have Hope. They will always have a positive attitude towards children. Pediatricians have so many other virtues as well.

Pediatricians are specialists who focus on the physical, emotional and social health of infants, childern, adolescents and many more! I'd love to be one!


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