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Positive Things The good thing about being a Pediatrician is that,your salary is $135,000.If you like kids,then your patients are newborns through adolescents.Also being a pediatrician,you get to save children's life and help them.You also get to experience different types of diseases that children have.Pediatricians participates in research for future prevention and medicine.

Unique Things about PediatricianPediatric medical communication has unique aspects that differ in structure, format, and content from adult patientmedical communication.Only newborns through adolescent are pediatrician's patient. If you want to do a physical,you have to go to your pediatrician to check you.When a pediatrician is seeing their patient,the children listen to everything you say and asks you lots of questions.Sometimes kids get comfortable around their doctors and tell them things about school and etc...


The bad thing about being a Pediatrician is that you have to be in school for 14 year.Another thing is that newborns and children cry,especially when their going to get a shot.Also you have to know all the medicines and diseases by memory.You have to have a liscense and it takes many years.Lastly is telling the parents that there children is really sick.

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