Pediatric Surgical Nurse

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Pediatric Surgical Nurse

Pediatric Surgical Nurse

Duties of a Pediatric Surgical NurseA Pediatric Surgical Nurse works in the Operatring Room and Pre/Post-op areas of the Pediatric sector of a hospital or surgical center. They work alongside a physician to help provide the upmost care for a child during the surgical process. They monitor a paitent during surgery and are capeable of assisting a pysician during surgery for any services needed. They also play a vital role in preparing the child and their families for surgery and monitoring the patient after surgery, looking for any complications.

SalaryThe average salary of a Pediatric Surgical nurse in Naples, FL is 66,000 per year. In the state of Florida the average salary is 61,000. THe National salary of a PSN in the United States is 63,000. These are starting rates for a nurse who would perform basic duties required of a Pediatric Surgical Nurse in the Operating Room, Pre-op, and Post-op areas.

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Expected Job GrowthAccording to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the most recently recorderd number of jobs is 2,737,400. This job Outlook from 2010-20 is expected to increase by 26% which is faster thatn the average increase rate recorded in previous years. The suspected employment change will be 711,900.

EducationIn order to become a Pediatric Surgical Nurse one must follow a series of levels of education. First you must obtain an Associates Degree, then a Bachelors of Science in Nursing is preferably obtained. Next one would obtain an RN license and then gain experience in the pediatric surgical area in what could be called a "Nursing Residency". Then One could work in a specialized perioperative nursing internship/program and then become qualified to work as a Pediatric Surgical Nurse. The leading organization for professional RNs working within the field is the Association of PeriOperative Registereed Nurses (AORN).



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