Pediatric oncology

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Pediatric oncology

Pediatric Oncology

Job Description

Pediatric oncology are healthcare professionals, specializedin the field of medicine that deals with treating cancer affect infants, children and young adults. Apart from treating cancer, the pediatric oncology field also involves the study of hematology (study of blood), which indicates that these physicians also treat children presenting with blood diseases.

Places you could work

The possible places I could work in private offices or clinics, often with adminstrative and healthcare personnel.

What secondary education (after school) do you need ?

I will need to commit to about 14 years of study, beginning with undergraduate college work, to become a specialist in this area. After college and medical school, a doctor oncology speciality , prior to becoming board certified.

What is the maximum and minimum years of education (after high school) you need ?

The minimum is 36 months of clinical radiation oncology experience during the four years of residency. The facility is desgin to provide these services with maximum convenience.

What courses must you take (after high school) ?

The courses I must take (after high school) are: organic chemistry, calculus biology, metaphysics, Lab corequiste with BIO 2000, General chemistry 1,11,111 and fundamentals of biology 1,11,111

Where I can pursue this career is at St. John's University.

Where you can pursue this career ?

The tuition that school charges and its location?

What is the prospect for getting a job in this profession in the future?

Its location in New York City, United States and the tuition is $37,870 per year.

What is the average salary for the career you have chosen ?

The average salary for Pediatric Oncology is around $195,249.

The prospect for getting a job in Pediatric Oncology inthe future, because it nice helping childrens and young adults with cancer. And knowing that every single day you have make a difference.


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