[2015] sam mays: Pebble time

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[2015] sam mays: Pebble time

Pebble Time

What Is It

What It Has

How Good Is It?



The Watch

How Is It Doing

Is It Doing Good?

It currently has 53,925 backers. And has made $11,862,648 of their $500,000 goal.

The Cost

How Much Do I Need To Pay?

You can pledge $179 and get this Smart Watch. Once this KickStarter campaign is over it will cost $199.

This is the second version of the popular Pebble Smart Watch. They have decided to launch their second product on kickstarter becuase that is where they started. This new version brings many cahnges to not only the hardware but most notably the software.

This time it has a colour display and a whole revised software called TimeLine so as to make it easier while using the watch it also now has a mic.


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