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Peas come in different varieties such as snow peas and snap peas. Click here for a list of varieties of peas!


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peas contain important vitamins and minerals such as...

Vitamin CVitamin C is good for you when you're sick. It helps you get better fast!

CalciumCalcium is good for your skeletal system in making your bones resistant to fracture giving them density and keeping them from becoming brittle

IronIron assists the red blood cells in carring oxygen through your body.

Peas are the seeds of the plant. You can't chew the pods of regular peas but some are specially bred so they can be chewed. They can take up to 5 months from sowing to maturity as a winter crop but as a summer crop can take up to 3 months.

Peas can be enjoyed in many dishes such as pea soup, chicken pot pie and in pastas! Peas are usually removed from pods unless they're young and the pod can be eaten too.

Did you know?- You store peas in plastic bags- They are best waxy, plump and bright green- Smaller pods are generally most tender

By: Nicole Kraemer


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