Pearl Harbor Pt. 2

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Pearl Harbor Pt. 2

- The Japanese didn't attack the massive oil tanks present on Pearl Harbor. They didn't attack them becuse they believed that they would have won the war quickly and swifly anyways; they were overconfident. If they were to destroy these oil tanks, the Americans wouldn't be able to fuel their planes for war, and therefore would not be able to fight overseas.- The Japanese weren't able to destroy their priority targets; the American aircraft carriers. These carriers weren't in Pearl Harbor at the time, and this convenient coincidence was key to winning the Pacific War against Japan. Had Japan destroyed these carriers, America's chances of winning the war would have decreased drastically, since the Americans needed the Pacific Fleet to fight overseas. Japan would probably have conquered Southeast Asia had the carriers been destroyed.

-Pearl harbor is located on the island Oahu in Hawaii-Attack on pearl harbor was a two phase attack, lasting nearly 2 hours, that started at 7:55 AM-2,400 Americans were killed, with only 64 Japanese casualties-188 American aircraft destroyed, 29 Japanes planes lost-21 American Ships destroyed

- Japan realised that America would destroy them in a straight up war overseas, as America could sustain the war effort, while Japan's resources were dwindling- Japan had to destroy America's pacific fleet to ensure that they wouldn't be able to fly overseas and stop them from taking over Southeast Asia. Pearl Harbor harbored the Carriers that contained most of the Pacific Fleet.

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Bombing of Pearl Harbor Pt. 2: Significance and Aftermath

Quick Facts

Aftermath and Significance

Why Pearl Harbour?

- Japan's main goal for the attack was to cripple the American's air fleet, and to lower their morale. They didn't succeed in doing either of them. It infuriated the Americans, and caused them to seek revenge against Japan- The Pearl Harbor bombings dragged America into the war, something which they ended up playing a huge part in. Before the bombings, America wasn't completely impartial, but they didn't declare war on anyone; they were technically neutral. After the bombings, they became military allies with China, and fought against the Japanese, and subsequntly the Germans (since Germany was an ally of Japan at the time)Japan had essentially woke the sleeping giant, and caused America to fully participate in the war.

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