Pearl Harbor - Part 1

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Pearl Harbor - Part 1

Pearl Harbour Bombings

Pt. 1: The build-up

Time Line

September, 1940

Japan invades French Indochina

America did this beacuse they didn't approve of Japan's expansionist policies, and their hostility towards China.America wanted Japan to make peace with China, and the only way would be to mitigate Japan's military strength.

Japan desperately needed oil to continue their war with China, so they decided to invade Indonesia to take advantage of their rich oil supplies.

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America didn't approve of Japan's expansion into Indochina, and subsequently put an embargo on Japan's most needed resource; oil.

Japan wanted to take control over French Indochina because it supplied many resources to China, a nation whom they were fighting at the time.It was a strategic move aimed at crippling China's resource supply.

Immediately After

US Imposes Trade Embargo

July 1941

US imposes Oil Embargo

Shortly after oil embargo...

Japan invades Indonesia

America stopped supplying Japan with military equipment such as Airplanes and Airplane fuel.

America dissaproves of this (typical), and threatens to take action if Japan continues to expand it's nation through the use of warfare. It was here that Japan decided they must take action if they wante to win the war


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