Pearl Harbor -A Day of Infamy-

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World War II

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Pearl Harbor -A Day of Infamy-

Pearl Harbor-A Day of Infamy-


~Vice Admiral Chuichi Nagumo~

~Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto~

~The Attack~-7:53a.m: First wave of planes-8:55a.m: Second wave of planes-Near 9:55a.m: Third wave of planes-Over 2000 died in the attack; 200 planes destroyed-About 20 ships destroyed - USS Arizona: 1800 pound bomb dropped into place where they keep flammable sources of ship; split in half and sunk, trapping 1000 men inside-57 Civilians killed

~Overview~-December 7th, 1941 @ 7:55a.m.-Japanese fighter planes bombard U.S. Naval Base in Pearl Harbor in Honolulu, HI; Came as complete surprise-Ended around 10:00a.m.; lasted 2 hours-More than 2000 Americans died; 1000 injured-20 Naval vessels destroyed; 200 Airplanes destroyed-FDR declares war on Japan the next day -Japan's allies, Germany and Italy, declare war on U.S.-Pearl Harbor sparked enter of U.S. into WWII

~The Beginning~-Japan and U.S. conflicting even before WWII -Japan unfriendly to China since they wanted to expand their territory-Began planning in September 1941-Japan declared war on China in 1937; America unhappy and sticking up for China-U.S. threatened Japan with suspected penalties, or sanctions -Made Japan more determined to stick up for themselves-America nor Tokyo wouldn't budge-Japan says Pearl Harbor was an "irresistable target" for revenge

~Plan of Attack~-Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto: Commander of Japanese Combined Fleet; leader of attack on Pearl Harbor-Vice Admiral Chuichi Nagumo: Commander of Pearl Harbor Striking Force (publically known as Kuriles to hide the fact they would attack the harbor)-Objective of Japanese: "To seize all of America's objectives in the Far East before they recovered from the attack." *according to*-Planes launched in three waves 200 miles from Oahu, HI

~The Aftermath~-The U.S. (FDR) declares war on Japan on December 8th, 1941 (the next day)-Italy and Germany (Japan's Allies) declare war on U.S. on December 11th, 1941 -Sparked enter of U.S. into WWII-In 1945, Japan would not surrender to U.S.-Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs -Pearl Harbor: Compared to waking up a giant sleeping bear

~Ficticious Artifact~`A Sailor's Letter to his Loved One'---Dec. 8th, 1941-Dear Marie, I'm sure you may have heard of what happened here yesterday. I'm still in shock from the terrible incident. All but one of my friends died on the USS Arizona; that thing was engulfed in flames. Robert and I jumped off that ship together, and nearly drowned while swimming to shore. I saw Thomas get killed himself. I don't know how we escaped, for it happened so quick. Our country is in crisis. Stay safe, I'll be back soon.See you later,George Staff. "Pearl Harbor." A&E Television Networks, 2009. Web. 21 Mar. 2015.Eyewitness to History. "Attack at Pearl Harbor, 1941." Attack at Pearl Harbor, 1941. Ibis Communications, 1997. Web. 22 Mar. 2015. "Pearl Harbor." World War 2 History Info. World War 2 History Info., 2001-2010. Web. 22 Mar. 2015.

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