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I would recommend this book to people who like a lot of setting changes because throughout the whole book the characters are moving to different locations.



To not get into big trouble because it can lead you into bad things.


Peak- He is a 14 year old boy who gets into trouble, climbs skyscrapers in NYC, then climbed Mount Everest later on.Joshua Wood- He is Peak's father, who went to court and tried to defend Peak in court. Then he ended up flying Peak to Tibet and tried to get him up Mount Everest so he could get plublicity for him and his mountain climbing company. Zopa- He was responsible for getting Peak to basecamp and he was the one supposed to be keeping Peak alive on the journey.Sun-jo- He is Zopa's grandson and the same age as Peak; they both share the same passion for mountain climbing.

-Woolworth Building in NYC-Juvenile Detention Center-Court House-Summit hotel in Kathmandu, Nepal-Base Camp of Mount Everest in Tibet-Advanced Base Camp-Secret meeting at HQ-Has to go back to the bottom of mountain-Climbs back up with Josh and Sun-jo-Flies back to family in NYC

Peak writes about climbing up the side of the Woolworth building in New York in which his face froze to the building near the top. He got arrested for climbing. After that he was sent to a Juvenile Detention Center, but to make it worse another kid tried to climb the building but died, so then he was sent to court for a punishment. Joshua Wood (biological father) who hasn't seen Peak in 7 years shows up to the court house. He says why don't I just take him back to Thailand with me so he doesn't have to go to jail and just let the situation die down. Instead he flies Peak to Kathmandu and has his friend, Zopa, pick him up and take Peak and two brothers named Yogi and Yash to Tibet. If Peak can reach the summit of Mount Everest he will be the youngest to do so and that is why Josh bailed him out of jail. He then realizes that Sun-jo is the same age and their both looking to achieve the same goal to climb to the summit of Mount Everest. Later Peak finds out that the people paying for the trip are having a meeting and they want him off the mountain, Josh agrees and says their paying for the trip. Once Peak goes back down to the bottom they have to go on a more dangerous route without all the others. Once they get close to the top, Peak decides to let Sun-jo make it to the top because it would get him and his sister out of poverty. Peak then says his goodbyes to Josh and heads back to his family in NYC.



PeakBy: Roland Smith


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