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Peak by Roland Smith

Main CharacterPeak- A 14 year old boy who is going to climb everest.Josh- A professional at climbing and does not care about his son.Holly- A female reporter who gave up on climbing mount Everest.Sun-Jo- Zopa Grand son and HE climbed MT. Everest Zopa- A monk who is helping Peak go to yhe top of the world.Rolf- Peak step father who sent him a card saying "I as in" as in him, which shows he cares.

Peak By Roland Smith Made By: Clement Nguyen P 2

SettingWhen Peak is in the courtroom- The courtroom is located in N.Y. Peak is in the cortroom because he climb a skyscaper. And he also cause a death.

Figurative LanguageMeataphor- " Our trip down to base camp was a nightmare," (pg 173, P1, Line 6).Simile- " They are like two littel peas."

Theme/Tone/Point of viewTheme-the theme is that don't care for just your self.Tone- The author's tone is caring, and at the beginning regretful.P.O.V- The P.O.V is first person becuse Peak is the narrator.

Plot DiagramExposition-Peak climbed the skyscapers and introducing himself.Rising Action- He Was duress to go to Nepal and his dad told him he was going to climb mount everest.Conflict- A 14 year old boy, have a father that does not care for him, cause he only took him for his business.Climax-When Peak let Sun-Jo summit mount everest becuse he decides he dosen't need to.Faling Action -He told his dad dad that he is going back to New York to go to his sister birthday party.Resolution- He came back in time to his two littel peas birthday party.


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