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Peak by Roland Smith

In the first part of the book, Peak climbs a skscraper and gets arrested. In court, he is told by a judge to stay with Josh in Thailand, until the aftermath of his stunt calms down.

Peak is a 14 year old boy who travels from New York City to Thailand. He has to do this, because he got in trouble for climbing a skyscraper. Once Peak gets to Thailand, he is told by his dad that he will be attempting to be the youngest person to summit Mt. Everest. Peak decides to let Sun-jo, a boy he met through his journey to summit and Peak doesn't.Zopa is a Buddhist monk and a sherpa. Zopa's grandson, Sun-jo summits Everest in the book. Zopa takes Peak, Sun-jo, Yogi and Yash up the mountain, until Zopa becomes sick and isn't able to go further. Josh is Peak's dad. Josh and Peak have not spoken in years, until Josh takes Peak to Nepal to summit Everest. A lot about Josh is learned throughout the story and Peak discovers that Josh is truly selfish and never wrote back to Peak when he sent Josh letters. Sun-jo is a Nepalese boy who is Zopa's grandson. Zopa wants Sun-jo to be the youngest free-tibetan to summit Everest. Josh is allowing Sun-jo to summit Everest, because he is six days older than Peak. Sun-jo ends up summiting Everest, but Peak doesn't. Captain Shek is the antagonist of the book. Captain Shek is a Chinese police officer who patrols Everest. He constantly asks to see climber permits and people tend to avoid them.

Peak travels by plane toThailand. Peak doesn't speak to Josh the whole flight. After

Peak gets home to New York in time for his and the twins' birthday.

The summit hotel is where Peak was staying when he met Sun-jo.

Peak by Roland SmithNola Felty Period 7

Major Characters

Figurative Language

Peak lets Sun-jo summit Everest and he doesn't. Peak realized Sun-jo needed the endorsements more than he did.

Peak travels to Thailand with his dad and attempts to summit Everest.

Peak travels down the mountain and then flies back to New York.

Peak gets home in time for him and his sisters' birthday party. Peak also finishes his second moleskin and writes about how family is more important than summiting Everest.

Peak scales a skyscraper and gets in trouble with the law. In New York, the reader is introduced to Peak, his mom, Rolf, the two peas, and his dad.

Metaphor-"No one knew I was up on the wall. By morning (providing someone actually looked up and saw me) I would be an icy gargoyle." page 4, paragraph 3, lines 8-10.Simile-"I had seen my mom agitated before, but I had never seen her like this. She was pacing the small holding cell like a caged leopard." page 15, paragraph 1, lines 1-3. Personification- "You can never tell who the mountain will allow and who it will not." page 121, paragraph 3, lines 18-19.

The theme of Peak is selflessness. you have to be very selfish to summit Everest and while climbing, Peak realized he cared about others way too much to be a serious climber. The point of view is first person. Peak uses I and me in the peak.The tone of the book is adventerous. Peak narrates the book and he enjoys adventures, which explains why Peak likes climbing skyscrapers and why he attempted to summit everest. Peak's adventerous side is shown through the way the book is narrated.

At ABC, Sun-jo and the rest of team were found and some had to be taken by the helicopter, which was brought by Captain Shek.

At base camp, Peak discovers his dad got his letters and never responded.


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