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Peak by Roland Smith

Peak: Roland Smith

Project By: Reem Abdelghany Pd.7

Peak Leaves New York

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Peak Finds Out He's Going to Climb

Peak Receives a Letter From His Family

Peak is "Sent Home"

Peak Lets Sunjo Reach the Summit

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Peak is caught climbing a skyscraper. He is sent to live with his father.

At the physical, Peak questioned Josh about why he had to do it. Josh then tells him that he is climbing Everest.

Peak gets letters from his family in America. He realises that Josh had been receiving his letters, even though he was on the mountain.

When Josh's climbing group argues with the fact that Peak gets to summit, Josh makes up a plan to send Peak down the mountain, and sent up the more difficult side of the mountain.

When Peak and Sun-Jo are ten feet away from the summit, Peak lets SunJo take the world record because he needs the money to go to school.

1. Peak learns he is goingto summit everest.2. Peak learns that Josh hadbeen receiving his letters.3. Peak gets Acclimized.

Peak is Caught climbinga skyscraper in New York, and is sent to live withJosh.

Peak is "Sent Home" because Josh's Customers said that he must. In reality, Josh made a plan for Peak to go up the Other side.

Peak allows Sun Jo to break the record, because his familyneeds the money for his education.

Peak goes home after his summit, and he makes it homein time for his little sisters' birthday.

Peak- He is the main character. He is a 14 year old summiting Everest.SunJo- His dad was a sherpa, but died saving Josh. SunJo is accomapanying Peak to the summit.Josh- He is Peak's father, but hasn't been in his life. He runs a company for climbing everest.

Theme- Do to others as you would want done to yourself. Sunjo's dad saved Josh, so Peak let Sunjo summit.Tone- Relaxed, Peak talks so casually about the summit attempt.POV- First person, Peak is the one that is talking. It shows his thoughts.

Metaphor- Pg. 82''Josh wriggled out of her tentacles.''Simile- Pg. 59 ''The second time I was canoeing down a flat, winding river, that cuts through the woods like a sluggish snake.''Personification- Pg.186 '' The only sound was the hiss of the gas burner.''


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