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nestThe nest is a shallow hole in the ground lined with leaves, sticks and other stuffHabitatthere habitat is in nice grassy places that are full of plants flowers and trees so they can make there nest,and so that they can eat.I think there habitat is perfect for them because its full of plants and good hiding spots to make there nest and hide

mating danceduring mating season the males put there fans up and vibrate them while they also vibrate there wings at the back of them hoping a female would be actrated and come but most of the time they just ignore them.

What they look likethe males have big colourfull fan at the back of them that looks like a hole bunch of eyes that help them scare of preditors,the females are all brown and have a little bit of colour on there neck the brown helps them blend into the ground,the chicks are yellow when they hatch and as they mature they turn brown to help them blend into the ground with the females.

fun facts-Peacocks have an average lifespan of fifteen to twenty years in the wild, and in capacity sometimes they live for forty years.-Peacocks feast mainly on grains and grass.-females do not have the big fan at the back of them only the males do.-there is half albino peacocks-a peacock is part of the pheasent family-females are called peahens,and the offspring are called peachicks,The male is called a peacock-Chicks come out of the egg yellow and become brown as they mature.

phylumThey are part of the pheasent family.Every animal in the pheasent family are big birds that walk and fly,they all lay eggs and are herbavores.

that was my glogster on peacocks ☻♥☺


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