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Round juicy fruit with downy yellowish-red skin and a rough pit.

Examples of literary devices

1. "In a few minutes, she was patting the fresh dough that left her hands as if she wore white gloves."Metaphor: Comparing her hands with dough like white gloves.2. "Esperanza´s eyes were on fire."Metraphor: Her eyes were angry.3. "In México, I stood in the other side of the river, remember?"Metaphor: Miguel was a second class citizen.

1. "Please, Our Lady, (she prayed ) don´t let anything happen to him or I will never be able to forgive myself for the things i said.Esperanza: Praying for all the things she said to Miguel."2. "And you still think you are a queen."Miguel: Making Esperanza see the truth.3. "Are we going to starve?"Esperanza: Showing her worries of the "Okies" wanting to work for half the pay and letting them without work.

Hector CastroAndres LoberaJuan Pablo Dettmer Lorenzo Altamirano

Isabel wants to be the Queen of May at her school but she is not chosen at the end. Isabel and Miguel are treated bad because they are Mexican. They work for not too many coins and live in very bad conditions.Workers who strike to get better treatment are deported even if they are U.S. citizens. Miguel says that in Mexico, he would be a second-class citizen, no matter how hard he works. Working there he has a chance of becoming more than he is.Esperanza wants Miguel to confront his boss.

Esperanza and Miguel argue and insult each other, the next day Miguel is gone. Miguel goes to look for railroad work. Esperanza's mom will return home from the hospital. Mama feels better and is proud of Esperanza. Esperanza has been saving money to bring Abuelita to California. The valise where Esperanza saved the money is empty.

Three direct quotes important in the chapter

It is asparagus season; Isabel hates asparagus, so she eats peaches.

Major Plot Elements


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