Pea Ridge

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Pea Ridge

Pea RidgeBy: Alex, Brittany, Lindsay

What did both sides hope to accomplish?

When and where was Pea Ridge fought? Who won?

The union wanted to get to the Mississippi River and take over St. Louis. The south just wanted to win, if they would have won they might have won the Civil War.

The battle of Pea Ridge was in northeast Arkansas, near Garfield. It was from March 6-8 of 1862. The Union won.

For the Union there were 203 killed, 980 wounded and 210 missing. For the South there were 600 killed and 200 captured.

Major General Samuel R. Curtis.

Who commanded the Union army?

How many casualties were there?

What is another name for Pea Ridge?

Who commanded the Confederate Army?

Major General Earl Van Dorn.

Another name for Pea Ridge is Elkhorn Tavern.



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