P.E. 2_03 Skill Related Activities

by shellyjoann
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P.E. 2_03 Skill Related Activities

Skill-related Activities

Some skill-related activites are: 1. bycicle riding 2. handball 3. golf.

Descriptions:For the handball picture it is showing that you need speed for this game because a lady is trying to get away from the crowd going towrds the goal. For the bicycling picture it shows that you need balance to stay on the bike or else you fall off.For the golf picture it shows that you need coordination because you have to know when to hit the ball and where.

The form/technique of handball is that you need to hit a ball against a wall. The ball will go back and forth between you and the wall. The form/technique of bicycling is to push the pedals of the bike to go foward. The form/ technique of golf is to hit the ball in the hole and aim to where you are going to hit it.



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