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In movies it is always the same as most of the girls always have the perfect body images and same with the guys. These are especially shown in movies with action and adventure. These are somethings that stop people's dreams to become an actor or famous and to be known. These are very stereotypical. Usually the hero in the movie is very beautiful or muscular and flexible.

Perceptions Of the ideal male and female body

By: Richard Seo

Movies and Video Clips


1)Young poeple's attitudes towards their own body image is portrayed negatively in this image. this is done by making it kind of stereotypical. it is saying all the womens and men's body have to be that way. 2)This influences other young teenagers and adolecents that your body has to be like that. it also changes the person's way of behaving and acting towards others. since it would be a celebrity on the magazine with that body image it would create lonliness and separation between the people with the body image and not.


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