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pbl prodject

Filter Fantastic:A filter fantastic is a device that can filter dirty water. We all knoww that in alot of the world,there are water issues. Did you know that 3% of the world's water supply is drink able? That is where the filter fantastic comes in. It will help filter water!

How to make it:First you need a good size bucket. Then you need to have nylon to wrap around the top of the bucket but, have it limp down to the bottom a little bit. Then have cotton balls in the hole. Next you would put a coffee filter on top of the cotton balls. That is how you would make a filter fantastic.

How it works: The filter fantastic works like this. The coffee filter on the cotton balls will contain all the dirt. Then the cotton balls will take out any mud left behind. The nylon will filter all of the germs. Then the water in the bucket will be clean. Now you Just made a device that will help save the world.


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