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Feminist Critical Approach

JocastaIn the Jocasta poem Ruth Eisenberg shows Jocasta's side of the story based on the book Oedipus The King. In the poem, Jocasta is portrayed as being a very unhappy woman who feels severe melancholy due to her lot in life and circumstances due to the Sphinx's fortellings. Her life is portrayed as being very distressed and distasteful.

In the story of Emma, the protaginist is made to be a very independent, strong woman who was determined to marry who she wanted and have freedom of speech as a woman. The author Jane Austen was a very outspoken woman with similar views as her fictional character Emma, her own personal views are reflected in the story.

Phenomenal WomanIn the poem titiled "Phenomenal Woman", Maya Angelou shows a very feminist attitude by glorifying women as being independent and strong women. This reflects her own life as a woman because growing up she had to be strong and learned to love herself and gain self confidence which is reflected in her writing.

Mean GirlsIn the movie Mean Girls the main characters are all females, these females all deal with each other treacherously and in a sinister way. Throughout the film the female characters constantly seek to decieve each other. Though these women seem different they all share a common personality trait which is insecurity which leads to major conflict.

I'm Every WomanIn the popular song I'm Every Woman sang by Chaka Khan she embraces feniminity by stating that she can be whatever woman she needs to be in order to accomplish any task. This goes against societys view that women are not equal to men by stating a woman can do anything.

The Picnic At Giverny In the famous quilt-painting Faith Ringgold depicts a gathering of women of different races to synbolize unity. Faith Ringgold's work are influenced by her gender as a woman because she herself was a feminist. "I became a feminist because I wanted to help my daughters, other women and myself aspire to something more than a place behind a good man" - Faith Ringgold.



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