Paytanne Steele Energy Saving

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Paytanne Steele Energy Saving

Save Energy

Help save the planets resouces

1.Turn off running water when not needed.

Don't keep water runing even if your right there brushing your teeth its still waisting a bunch of water think about how much your waisting all togther.

2.Unplug apliances not in use.

use reuseable bags for shopping instead of paper or plastic. making one single plastic bag takes alot of oil. your not using as much by having your own.

Unplug apliances your not using even if its off it still is using up energy.

4.Help clean up

Saving energy is an environmental issue because people have been using the planets ressouces for millions of years. What happens when it runs out? help and save energy by these 4 steps.

3.Use reuseable bags

Help clean up trash and and encouage others to save energy as well. help save the planets recources by doing these 4 easy steps.


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