Payne Horace Tabor Grabhorn

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Payne Horace Tabor Grabhorn

Horace Tabor!!!

Horace Tabor was born on November 28, 1830 in Holland Vermont. He had three brothers and one sister. His father was Cornelius Dunham Tabor and his mom was Sarah Farrin.

During the silver rush, Horace Tabor struck silver. He soon became a multi-millionare. He also became very famous, and he made the Tabor Grande Opera House in Clorado.

He left home at age 19 to work in the stone quarries. Later he joined an anti slavery program.

The Tabors left their house in Stone Creek and walked to Denver in search of gold. Horace later became the mayor of Colorado.

Horace Tabor lost all of his money when gold became popular again. He died on April 10, 1899, without a single penny. Horace Headshot. 2002. www. Babydoe. org.Silver bars. 2011. <you are being minipulated .com>Smith a. Duane. Horace Tabor. copyright 1989.



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