Payment - College Athletes

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Payment - College Athletes

The NCAA led by Mark Emmert makes the image clear that athletes in the college level shouldn't get paid. Some say they should but the NCAA's argument is that theu are student athletes given education that is more vaulable than any amount of money. The NCAA has been fighting this agruement for years and as numbers show, they are winning it too.



This video is the trailer to the video "The Business of Amatuers" Inside of the documentary the story line follows the life of an average college athlete and just how hard their life can be a some times.

Should College Athletes Be Paid?

Imagine having to balance school work from some of the top universities in not only the nation but in the world and along that having to be athletically sound to be able to perform in also the top level in which the game is being played. Also imagine your name, your jersey being worn by thousands, your name being heard by millions, and your team known by billions. On top of that think of a season, a whole monthly tournament that brings in not millions but billions of dollars in revenue. If any of this money is even given to you for any reason, you can put your team at risk and even yourself at risk. College athletes face number of problems regarding their lives and in some cases is because there is no money to help fix these problems. Well the truth is this is the life athletes in the NCAA live, a life where they don’t make a single penny to help them in their tough college years.One could also agrue that everything will okay becuase after 4 years they will all be millionaire in the professional or they are given an education that is more worth than anytype of money. Both sides are valid but the obvious one stands out and needs to make even clearer.



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