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Payment - College Athletes


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Most of the college athletes are being paid by scholarships already. They earn scholarships to pay tuition, fees, room and board, and other allowable expenses. A high percentage of student-athletes graduate without the burden of student loans, which most other students accumulate. If they don’t have a scholarship they could get a part time job on campus because the campuses offer hundreds of different jobs. The schools look for kids who have good character, a good work ethic, good grades, and ability. If you don’t have that and don’t get a scholarship then you don't deserve to be paid!Most colleges can’t afford to pay their athletes. The 2013 Sports Analysts said that only 23 out of 228 colleges made money off of athletics. Most staff members for the athletics have very low paying jobs already. The staff members get less money a year than it costs to go to college. The staff members make all the events happen so that the players can play. If the staff quits then none of the events will happen. Then the players couldn’t be paid anyway because they won’t play. Athletes choose to compete in intercollegiate athletics as a part of their educational experience. They go to college to get their education and play the sport they love. To play in college is a privilege not a right, so they need to take advantage of what they earned. Some people don’t get to play at college level. If college athletes want to be paid they need to just go to professional. Some athletes don’t care about getting paid, and still have jobs and get have work.

My Side

Should College Athletes Be Paid?

No! College Athletes Shouldn't Be Paid!

Do you think college athletes should be paid? This topic has been on debate since the early 2000’s College athletes should not be paid because most of them are getting paid with scholarships, most colleges can’t afford to pay their athletes, and the athletes choose to compete in intercollegiate athletics as a part of their educational experience.


The National Labor Relations Board an “employee” is a person who is [1] is under contract of hire to [2] perform services for another, [3] subject to the employer's control, and [4] in return for payment. The college athletes are not hired to be paid. They are “hired” to get a good education and play the sport for fun. The athletes don’t just get scholarships for talent, the coaches also look at grades, and what they are involved in. If you have bad grades you can’t play and if you don’t graduate your school could lose scholarships. So the school looks at grades too. College sports was made to entertain people and be fun. The athletes would ruin it once they start getting paid. Technically they are supposed to be considered employee but just think what would happen if college sports became a job.


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