Pay it Forward

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Pay it Forward

The original three people Trevor chooses to help are Jerry Busconi, Mrs. Greenberg, Reuben and Arlene (they count as one). Jerry ios homeless and Trevor trys to get him a job and money to buy an apartment and nice clothes. Mrs.Greenberg wants her garden to be taken care of and Trevor does it with no pay. Finally, Arlene and Reuben are very lonely and Trevor tries to get them together.Luckily Trevor, succeeds in all of his pay it forwards.______________________

In "Pay It Forward" by Catherine Ryan Hyde, Trevor the main character, was assigned a project, to think of an idea for world change and put it into action. The author uses personal experiences to write the book. She was in a situation where her car was leaking gas and was going to explode, some guys helped her without even a thank you and asking her to pay them back.

Pay It Forward by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Think of an Idea for World Change and Put it into Action.

Interesting Facts

3. Jerry's Story- Jerry got helped from Trevor, but after his first pay check he left and was imprisoned. After that he moved to San Fransisco and became homeless again. He lives near the Golden Gate Bridge, he rescued a woman who was going to jump off the bridge and that crosses off one person on his paying it forward list.

1. Reuben's Story- Reuben was injuried in basic training when one of his friends misused a bomb. He was injured on his face and wears an eyepatch now.

2. The White House Visit- When everyone figured out Trevor was the starter of paying it forward, he gets invited to the White House. He meets the president and gets a tour around Washington D.C.

By Ava Eikanger


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