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Pay It Forward Project

Trevor McKinney is the main character of Pay It Forward. He is an average middle schooler. Then, an extra-credit assignment is given to him by his teacher, Reuben St. Clair. The idea to change the world that he thinks of f0r world change is to help 3 people and tell them to help 3 more people until everyone on the planet gets helped. At first, he didn't think it worked. However, it touched the lives of thousands, if not millions.


Pay It Forward ProjectBy Ben Schmitt


Reuben St. Clair is Trevor's middle school teacher. He assigns his class the following for extra credit: "Think of an idea for world change and put it into action." Little did he know that Trevor would actually change the world. Trevor pays it forward to Reuben by getting him engaged with Arlene McKinney, Trevor's mother.


Arlene McKinney is Trevor's mother. She was married to Ricky, Trevor's father, but he disappeared mysteriously. At first she disapproves of Trevor's project when he brings a homeless man into the house, but she later changes her mind when Trevor gets her engaged. When she realizes that Trevor changed the world, she is very proud and regretted her earlier disapproval.

Pay It ForwardMovie Trailer


Trevor meets President Bill Clinton in Washington, D.C.

Above: Pay it Forward is set in Atascadero, California.Below: Arlene and Reuben get re-engaged at the Vietnam Memorial.


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