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Pawnee by Sydney

Pawnee were rich in spirit and magic of the sky above them

Pawnee Indiansby Sydney Puchol

Pawnee painted clothes:• hand painted with stars & reference to the skies

EARTH HOMES:• Made from soil and wood• Made to look like the shape of a sky dome

Pawnee mens hair:• cut to look like a horn or mohawk on the top of the head

• Pawnee lived in Western Plains. Original people of Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma• Main source of food was buffalo & corn• Men & women were story tellers, drew artwork & played music• Only Pawnee men were hunters and went to war to protect families• Pawnee women were farmers, did cooking & most of the childcare• Traditional dressings at ceremonies that they painted themselves using stars• Transportation was walking on foot until Europeans introduced horses• Sleds were tied with ribs of buffalo, & boats made from bull hide• Made earth-homes, domes covered with grass and dirt it could hold 40 people• Shaped like the sky above them as they connected themselves to it• There are about 2000 Pawnee living in their land & they get together every year



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