[2015] Ashlee Lopez: Pavuvu

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[2015] Ashlee Lopez: Pavuvu

By: Ashlee Lopez, Maddy Menges, and Emma Milkowski

Fun Facts • eight by two miles long • Population of 350 during WWII •Materials from WWII remain

In the story, Code Talkers, many themes are developed throughout the text. In our island Pavuvu, there was a theme that stood out the most. It is don’t underestimate people’s abilities and accept their differences. The code talkers are always fighting hard in the war and are trying to represent America in the best way possible, despite the harsh way they were treated. They are always adding to the language and are constantly sending messages. But they are underestimated just because they are Navajos. Any other Marine would have been treated with lots of respect whereas Ned receives almost none. Everyone thought of Navajos as different because they supported a different culture. However, as the story continues, the other white men begin to see what the code talkers are really capable of. Most change their opinions and think that they aren’t as bad as they seemed. They had thought low of the Navajos only to be proven wrong when war started.

In the story, Code Talker, setting affected Ned emotionally in many ways. One of these ways is when Ned was at Pavuvu. In Pavuvu, Ned and his friends had a powwow. This is a dance that “honors the Holy People and brings them into our midst.” This dance effects Ned because it gave him a sense of protection and home.

How Setting affected Ned


Our Island affected WWII. It affected WWII because on our Island they made more words in the code.They made a word in Code Talker for “Frogmen” In Navajo. This had an affect in WWII because if they hadn’t created a word in Code Talker for “Frogmen’ Then maybe the Marines would have mistaken them for the enemy. Communicating would have been harder if it weren't for the idea to create frogmen. Another way that Pavuvu affected WWII is because on Pavuvu they heard about the Kamikaze and it was introduced.This affects WWII because if they hadn’t heard about the Kamikaze then their ships might have sunked and it would harm them for the rest of the war.

This video shows the famous comedian, Bob Hope discussing his experiences playing for the first marine devision on Pavuvu during WWII

How our island affected WWII



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