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Paula Billourou

He was a senior commander in the Argentine Army and the de facto President of Argentina after he deposed Isabel Martinez de Peron. He was considered to be the brains behind the so called `Dirty war´ who was convicted to life imprisonment in 2010 for murdering 31 citizens and, later on, in 2012 he was sentenced to 50 years in prison for planning a scheme to hide the babies that were taken from their detained parents by changing their identities and giving them ilegally away to military families. In 2013 he died for natural causes while serving his sentence in prison.

Jorge Rafael Videla

1978 World Cup

In videos and documentaries about the worldcup in 1978 you get to see very different concepts of the history context in Argentina. Some of them only show the excitement of the fans and the players searching for their victory keeping aside the critical situation that Argentina was living. As for the rest of them, they all express quite the opposite, like how damaged the country was with all the kidnappings and the suffering of the relatives searching for the people that was missing. Therefore, It is hard for me to understand the contrast of the stories that I can hear, the images that I see and the videos that I watch. Because I can not have a general idea of what happened in that period of time, so it is hard for me to have a real opinion aobut it.

Extra Material

- (part 1)- (part 2)-, Nunca mas, Eudeba, 1984


National reorganization Process (1976-1983)

1959- the first guerrilla group is created, called ´Los Uturuncos´.1968- start appearing other subversive groups known as FAL, FAR and Montoneros 1970- Aramburu is kidnapped and killed by the Montoneros.1973- Juan Domingo Peron is once again selected as President.1974- Peron dies and is succeeded by his wife.1975- There was one death every 19 hours for Political reasons1976- The Military Junta overthrew Isabel M. De Peron and takes place the Night of the pencils.1977- The Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo organization was founded1978-The Football worldcup was held in Argentina1983-Returned of democracy in Argentina with Alfonsin selected as President.

`Yesterday's enemies are in power and from there, they are trying to establish a Marxist regime in Argentina´

All I know is that it was not easy, on the contrary; it was one of the hardest things that Argentina has ever gone through. And even though it would always be there, present in our lives, a reencounter between a grandmother who has searched for her grandson all her life let us know that there is still HOPE.

These days I have read a lot about the Dictatorship, yet I can not understand: how we got to a point where human rights were completely lost? When did we forget we were a country? Do they really regret starting whatever they started? Who is right and who is wrong? What is it true and whats is it not? What would have happened to me if I had experienced it? what was the trigger that caused this? Still, I have many questions remain to be answered for which I might never find the right answer because there would always be two sides of the story.

Estela de Carlotto- leader of the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo- found her grandson after 36 years of searching. Audio of her interview.

Life of the Montoneros


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