Paul Villard

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Paul Villard

Paul Villard

Gamma rays are the most strongest form of radiation. It's so strong that only lead can block it. Gamma rays are what makes nuclear radiation so dangerous. Gamma rays can damage human tissue and cause mutations.

Studied radioactivity with other scientists such as Marie Curie, Henri Becquerel, and Hans Geiger.

In 1908 Villard suggested the idea of using the ionization of air as a measure of the output of an X‑ray tube. Twenty years later, Villards idea became renowned when the Second International Congress on Radiology recommended the roentgen as the unit of radiation exposure.

The Académie des Sciences awarded him its Wilde prize in 1904 and its La Caze prize in 1907. In 1908 he succeeded physicist Eleuthère Mascart as a member of the Academy.

1900:discovered Gamma Rays

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I was born on September 28, 1860 in a village near Lyon, France.

Ernest Rutherford discovered the first two kinds of radiation, alpha and beta rays. Then Paul Villard discovered a third type of radiation, gamma rays.

He was a teacher at government school before he became a chemist. He was also very modest, he didnt care much about fame.

This is a picture of a star dying giving off gamma radiation.

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He invented the highlights osmo-regulator which is an instrument that's widely used in the manufacture of Crookes tubes for radiography. He was professor of the School of Arts and Crafts and a member of the Academy of Sciences since 1909.


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