Paul Revere

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Paul Revere

While he was skilled as a smith, he's most known for his ride to warn the people that the British were coming. He rode to specifically warn Sam Adams and John Hancock, but he also alerted any other allies on the way. He couldn’t yell “The British are coming!” because there were still many British loyalists. After warning them, the british apprehended him and took his horse. Though, Revere's ride never truly gained fame until the poem "Midnight Ride" was published years later, though it embellished several parts.


Paul Revere is usually only remembered for his ride. Revere was also a member of the Sons of Liberty and greatly helped their cause in the war. He crafted gunpowder and cannons for the army and was a member of the Boston Tea Party. Revere also commanded Castle William worked as a spy, and his fighting spirit had proven beneficial from the French-Indian war.

Paul Revere was a successful businessman and a hard worker since a very young age. He had to take over the family business of smithing to provide for his family when his father died. Paul Revere crafted plates and cannons and even made engravings. A famous engraving of his is the one of the Boston Massacre. After the war, Revere continued his trade by printing the country's first money and he remained a successful businessman until he died.


Paul Revere

Midnight Ride


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